Student Services Team

The School has established a Student Services Team to identify and co-ordinate support and resources for individual students, and to monitor students at risk. The team discusses external referrals and prioritises these according to need and the availability of resources.

Administration: Mr Kevin Brady (Principal), Mr David Sawers (Associate Principal), Ms Tracy Pickering (Deput Principal), Ms Lee Marlin (Deputy Principal), and Mrs Susan Mann (Deputy Principal).

Year Co-ordinators: Ms Andrea Vis, and Mr Michael Beard.

Chaplain: Helena Donohoe

School Psychologist: Ms Lauren Gabalich

Health Nurse: Trish Clifford

Any student or parent with concerns or queries are more than welcome to contact the coordinators as well as the Admin staff.

Some of the programs the student services team are involved in are:

  •    Protective Behaviours
  •    Mind Matters

Protective Behaviours

The Protective Behaviours program provides students with specific strategies and behaviours to assist them to protect themselves from harm.

Mind Matters

Mind Matters is a national mental health initiative for secondary schools. It supports Australian secondary schools in promoting and protecting the mental health, and social and emotional well-being of all the members of school community.