The Student Council comprises of elected students from Years 6 to 12 and the elected School Captain and Vice Captain who lead the Council meetings. Students hold their positions for one year but may be reelected in subsequent years. Student Council representatives;

•           represent student interests in decisions which affect them;

•           provide student input into school activities; and

•           fulfill the role of school ambassadors.

2015 Student Council
School Captain Alice Grant
Vice Captain Chelsea Bager
Year 10

Shannan Bandy

Olivia Moynahan

Mia Kriwoscipischin

Year 9 Liza Joubert
Year 8

Abbey Crossley

Evie Bettell

Year 7

Sharnay Eddy

Darcie Mitchell

Year 6

Tara Martin

Leoj Dela Cruz

Student Council is coordinated by Kym Morton. If you need any more information about the Student Council or its initiatives contact Kym at the school.

Student Council is involved in many projects. Of particular note is the Sister School Project. For more information about this visit our Nepal Project frequently asked questions here.