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School Uniform Policy

The School Uniform Policy plays an important role in promoting the image of the school, helps provide a safer environment for students and creates a sense of identity that is practical and inexpensive for parents and students. The School Uniform has been designed to:
  1. Avoid costs associated with competition in dress standards for student clothing by providing an inexpensive and practical dress standard that all families can afford (affordability); and
  2. Provide a means for staff at the school to easily identify all students associated with the school both on and off school grounds (safety).

What is the School Uniform?

All Gingin DHS students are expected to wear the school uniform as set out below. All items can be purchased through the P&C uniform shop.




Primary Students

Red polo shirt, white school crest

Red crewneck fleecy windcheater,

white school crest or

Red zip jacket, zip pocket, white school crest.

Black dress pants for girls {must be hemmed and not denim

Black micofibre track pants from size 8c

Black track pants, fleecy 4c — 10c

Black or Tartan skirt or Skort medium length with 2 pleats

Black Unisex shorts in taslon, polycotton or microfibre

Black cargo shorts or pants (Not denim).

Secondary Students

Red polo shirt, white school crest

Red and Black striped windcheater, black school crest or

Red and black microfibre school jacket.

Black micofibre track pants from size 8c

Black medium length skirt.with 2 pleats

Black microfibre shorts

Black cargo shorts or pants(not denim)


Faction polo shirt (red, blue, yellow, green) with a white school crest. Shorts in microfibre, or polycotton, or sports skirt.


Please note that the faction coloured polo shirts are only to be worn at faction carnivals and on Fridays for Primary Sport.

A faction polo shirt will be required for all Physical Education classes. Students will be required to change into their normal uniform for all other classes. Sports skirts and faction polo shirts can not be worn as normal school uniform.


It is school policy that all Primary-aged children wear hats outside every day in terms 1 and 4. The school has a `no hat, no play in the sun' policy as a health precaution. We also encourage parents to provide their children with sunscreen protection as required.


Please note that children in an unacceptable standard of dress may not be taken on excursions. Students representing the school in educational, cultural or sporting activities are expected to be in the appropriate school uniform.

Other Items Not Considered Suitable

Alternative clothing that does not meet the policy requirements are considered not suitable for school.

  • Denim Jeans 
  • Sports skirts or alternative shorts
  • and skirts

are NOT part of the school uniform

For safety reasons students must have enclosed footwear at all times.

  • Thongs
  • Sandals and
  • Bare feet
are not considered suitable footwear

Wet Weather Clothing

Wet weather jackets and additional warm clothing may be worn to and from school in the winter months. Additional warm clothing may be worn under the school uniform but should not be visible (such as long sleeve shirts under the school polo shirt).


Jewellery and make-up are not considered an essential item for school and in some instances these can be a health and safety hazard.

All students, especially in secondary, are to ensure they are wearing appropriate footwear to certain classes. Closed in footwear should be worn for all Science classes and solid, supportive closed shoes should be worn at Phys Ed and Design & Technology. This is for safety reasons and to comply with Department Policy. The staff do reserve the right to omit your child if their footwear is not suitable for the lesson. Alternate work will always be provided.

Free Dress Days

From time to time the school will have free dress days where students are able to come to school in other clothes than school uniform. There are some restrictions on the clothes students are able to wear. Clothing considered not suitable include mid-riff tops, revealing necklines, offensive and culturally insensitive items and short skirts.

Changing School Uniform

The process for managing major changes to the Uniform Policy will include presentation to the School Council, Student Council, P&C and Staff for approval.

Non-compliance with a School Uniform Policy

Students who are not able to comply with the School Uniform and do not have a valid exemption may have sanctions applied. These sanctions will apply to assist staff to maintain a safe environment, readily identify all authorized students and visitors and promote the good image of the school.

Application for Exemption

Parents may apply in writing for an exemption from complying with one or more of the requirements of the School's Uniform Policy. The application must state a valid reason for this exemption in accordance with Regulation 35 of the Education Act. An exemption can be granted for a short period of time in some instances (e.g. injury or illness).

The uniform shop is run by volunteers.