2018 Meeting Documents

2-A-18 ENROLMENT CHANGES 2017 to 2018 2-B-18 GDHS council resignation letter 7th feb 2-C-18 Principals Report February
4-A-18 Principal’s Report April 2018 4-B-18 GDHS Annual Report 2017
6-A-18 Council30May2018Minutes BYOD 6-B-18 Council11June2018Minutes BYOD 6-C-18 Terms of Reference – Changes for consideration 2018 6-D-18 One-toOne Device Program Survey Feedback 6-E-18 Finance Minutes meeting 050418 6-F-18 HR Minutes Meeting 29 May 2018 6-G-18 No change to the Maximum limits for voluntarty contributions and charges 6-H-18 Cash Report 6-I-18 One Line Budget Statement 6-J-18 Funding Agreement 2018 6-K-18 On Entry Data 2018 6-L-18 GINGIN DHS STUDENTS AT EDUCATIONAL RISK POLICY v1 6-M-18 STRATEGIC PLAN FOR WA PUBLIC SCHOOLS 2016-2019 6-N-18 National School Opinion Survey Items
7-A-18 Council27June2018Minutes 7-B-18 HR Minutes Meeting 29 May 2018 7-C-18 School Council Members Tenure 7-D-18 GINGIN DHS STUDENTS AT EDUCATIONAL RISK POLICY v1 7-E-18 ERG Minutes 19 July 18 7-F-18 Strategic Plan Development Process 7-G-18 Council Self Assessment Tool 7-H-18 attendance-summary-report 7-I-18 Solar Panel Proposal 7-J-18 Principals Report July
8-A-18 Council25July2018Minutes 8-B-18 Canberra Camp 2018 Breakdown 8-C-18 Minister Letter LOTE 8-D-18 Nic Grayer Correspondence 8-E-18 Linda Balcombe Correspondence 8-F-18 PBS and Policy Survey Term 3 2018
9-A-18 DG ltr to Principal advising o~w Gingin District High School 9-B-18 Projected Enrolments 2019 9-C-18 Letter-Stephen Baxter
10-A-18 Council12September2018Minutes 10-B-18 School Council Members Tenure 10-C-18 Class model 2019 10-E-18 Finance Minutes 23rd August 2018 10-F-18 Possible Models 2019 10-G-18 ERG Review 10-H-18 SCHOOL COUNCIL OPEN MEETING RUNNING SHEET 10-I-18 2019 Advance Notice Of PRIMARY Conts & Charges 10-J-18 2019 Advance Notice Of YEAR 7, 8, 9 & 10 Conts & Charges 10-K-18 NAPLAN Progress and Achievement 2018 10-L-18 Working With Gingin District High School Pamphlet 10-M-18 PRINCIPAL’S REPORT October