School Council

The School Council makes decisions on financial planning, school performance and setting school priorities.  The School Council also determines school objectives, promotes the school in the community, formulates codes of conduct for students, determines the dress policy, and sets school charges and contributions.

Parent’s representatives and staff members retain office for three-year terms but may be re-elected at the completion of their term.  Nominations for parent representative positions are called when a vacancy occurs, and elections are held through the school by ballot of all families.

School Council meet two times per term on a Wednesday after school.
2019 Meeting dates:
20th February, 20th March, 22nd May, 19th June, 31st July, 11th September & 6th November.

Terms of Reference

Our School Council Members

2019 Minutes
2019 Meeting Documents

2018 Minutes
2018 Meeting Documents
2017 Minutes

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