Mobile Phone Policy

Please note the following school policy on mobile phones:

  1. Mobile phones and other communications or electronic devices, are brought to school at the students’ own risk. The school does not accept responsibility for mobile phones, iPods, games players, or other devices that are lost or stolen at school.
  2. Mobile phones and other devices are NOT to be used during any lesson or in the classroom for any purpose, unless under the direction of the class teacher. The use of mobile technology in some cases might be incorporated to support students via an Individual Education Plan or Behaviour Plan.  In the event of a breach, refer to the BMIS policy.
  3. Mobile phones and other devices are NOT to be used to harass, bully or intimidate students or staff. Breaches will be dealt with as per the school’s Bullying and BMIS Policy.
  4. The camera facility of a mobile phone must not be used at school.

Any use of mobile phones or other electronic devices by students that is in breach of these rules will lead to the confiscation of the phone from students.  Confiscated phones will be mailed home to parents.  No responsibility will be taken for loss or damage in transit.

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