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Managing Student Behaviour

The school has an active Positive Behaviour Schools Committee that continues to work through our processes and procedures.

Behaviour Policy and School Expectations

Based on Education Department policy, the school behaviour policy is based on the principles of “Positive Behaviour Schools”. All students at all year levels are expected to demonstrate the expectations below. We work hard to ensure that all interactions between students and staff are positive based on these expectations.

The following are expectations of all staff and students at the school:

  • Everyone at Gingin District High School must care for and be considerate of other people, their property and the environment.
  • Everyone (Staff, Students and Visitors) and their property should be treated with respect.
  • We expect everyone to ‘have a go’ even if they are not perfect the first time.
  • We all will take responsibility for our actions and make amends if necessary.



Restorative Practice


Teachers will manage their classrooms so that all students’ rights are respected, and so that students learn appropriate behaviour. The school provides a range of support services to students, including our Student Services team, our school chaplain, the school psychologist and support from teachers and other staff.

Underpinning our school behaviour management policy are the principles of Restorative Practice. Under these principles, students are required to respect the rights of other students at the school. Where other students’ rights are violated, students will need to make amends or to accept such consequences as are applied for the behaviour.

Note: More information can be found in the School Information Book.