It is with pleasure that I welcome you to Gingin District High School.

Our school offers a strong range of experiences for all of our students, including academic, sporting and extra-curricular activities.  Our staff pride themselves in knowing students individually, and in using that knowledge to help students achieve positive life goals and transition successfully to their next phase of learning or work.

We are incredibly proud of each individual student and staff member here at school, as their harmonious professional relationships are part of the reason why it is considered a happy and stimulating place.  With the best outcomes for our students being at the heart of every decision we make, we have a clear and unrelenting focus on ‘Every student, Every classroom, everyday’.

In 2020 our school achieved Independent Public School status, and we are committed to ensuring that our school provides the flexibility to ensure students benefit.  Our school is the proud winner of many awards, the most recent being the “District High School Award for Innovation” for the Leadership Program that we provide for our Year 6 students.

As a Kindergarten to Year 10 school, we are able to nurture our students over their whole educational career.  Our staff are heavily engaged in working to develop our school, with 100% of our teaching staff engaged in working committees to improve our school.

Our school works with the Western Australian curriculum defined by the School’s Curriculum and Standards Authority, and our standards are defined in terms of comparisons to state-wide norms and expectations.

Later in this booklet we outline our behavioural expectations for students which are unique to this school, and which have been developed by staff, parents and students.  We expect all staff and students to be Considerate, show Respect, Try, and be Responsible.  We use the acronym ‘CRTR’ (pronounced ‘Critter’) to highlight these expectations.  You will see our Critter posters and a Behaviour Expectations Matrix in all classrooms.

I look forward to working with you as we share in this journey together in support of our students.

Wishing you well.