Bus travel is provided for students to attend Gingin District High School.  Bus transport is managed by the Public Transport Authority (PTA), and all bus issues should be reported to the PTA.  The phone number for the PTA is 9326 2493 and the website address is www.schoolbuses.wa.gov.au

Good behaviour on buses is of paramount importance to ensure the safety of all students. Students must abide by the “Code of Conduct” issued by the PTA.  The Code of Conduct is as follows:

  • Respect other people and their property;
  • Wait for the bus in an orderly manner;
  • Always follow the directions of the driver;
  • Sit properly on a seat;
  • Wear a seat belt if available;
  • Speak quietly and not create unnecessary noise.

Students must not:

  • Place feet on the seats;
  • Bully other students;
  • Use offensive language or fight on the bus;
  • Throw any article around or out of the bus;
  • Consume food or drink on the bus without the permission of the driver;
  • Allow any part of their body to protrude out of the window;
  • Walk around or change seats while the bus is moving;
  • Stand forward of the front seat.


Continued misbehaviour will lead to a student being excluded from using the bus.  Bus travel is a privilege – not a right.

Buses run to an official timetable.  Parents should ensure that their children are at the bus stop on time (i.e. 5 minutes prior to scheduled pick-up) and that they are met off the bus after school on time.  If a student will not be on the bus in either the morning or afternoon please inform the driver.