Each student at Gingin District High School is valued and our school will support students who have particular needs, including for those issues that might impact on their behaviour.  The level of individual student support differs according to the needs of each student.  Students with higher needs are provided a greater level of support.

Classroom Support
Individual teachers will provide support to students by:

  • Building positive relationships with all students;
  • Providing interesting, academically appropriate, engaging and relevant lessons for students;
  • Explicitly teaching expected behaviours and pro-social skills* as a part of the curriculum;
  • Rewarding students when they demonstrate expected behaviours;
  • Developing and implementing documented plans for students in consultation with the Student Services Team if required;
  • Ensuring ongoing individual student issues are referred to the Student Services Team;

* “pro-social skills” means undertaking positive actions that benefit others, prompted by empathy, moral values, and a sense of personal responsibility rather than a desire for personal gain.

Student Services Team
The School Student Services Team includes the Deputy Principals, the Year Coordinators, School Psychologist and Chaplain.  The role of the Student Services Team is to identify and coordinate support and resources for individual students, and to monitor students at risk.  The team discusses psychologist referrals as well as external referrals and prioritises these according to need and the availability of resources.  The Student Services Team will liaise with the referring teacher to explain interventions.

School Psychologist
Where the Student Services Team deems it necessary, or where it is requested by a parent, the school psychologist will assist with the development of individual interventions for students.