The prevention of unsafe and unlawful drug use is a key role of Gingin District High School.

In the event of a drug use incident or where a student requires intervention for a drug use issue, the steps outlined in our flow charts for Incident Management and Intervention Support will be followed )this is available on request).  In summary:

  • the parent/s will be notified by appropriate personnel
  • the Principal will consider notifying police if illicit drug use is suspected
  • both students and parents will be offered support through appropriate interventions
  • the incident or issue will be documented and other relevant agencies involved
  • respect will be given to privacy and confidentiality by and for all parties
  • the health and well-being of all parties involved will be given priority.

Possible consequences include:

  • Loss of good standing
  • Suspension
  • Referral to counselling internal and external


  • The Deputy Principal/Incident Manager will notify parents/guardians and a letter will be sent home. Students will be offered counselling and may face disciplinary action.

Alcohol and solvents

  • Possession and/or consumption of alcohol or deliberate inhalation of solvents will require the Deputy Principal/Incident Manager to contact parents/guardians and send a letter home. Students will be offered counselling and may face disciplinary action.

Illicit Drugs

  • Parent/guardians will be informed immediately. The Principal will determine if the police will be called.  In the absence of a student’s parent or guardian, the student support person or a teacher nominated by the student will always be present at any police interview that takes place on school premises.  The student will be offered counselling and will face disciplinary action.

Please refer to the Behaviour Management Policy for more information.

Gingin District High School does not permit students while on school premises, at any school function, excursion or camp to:

  • smoke and/or possess tobacco products including e-cigarettes VAPS etc.
  • consume, possess or be affected by alcohol
  • possess and/or use pharmaceutical drugs for non-medicinal purposes
  • possess and/or use substances such as aerosols as we are an asthma aware school
  • possess and/or use illicit drugs
  • possess and/or use drug-related equipment, with the exception of use for intended legitimate medicinal use.

Education Plan

  • We use evidence-based drug education resources such as Challenges and Choices (
  • Our curriculum is delivered on rotational basis within the split classes.
  • School administration supports staff to deliver appropriate drug education by allowing for professional development opportunities for staff and allocating funds for resources and materials.
  • Classroom programs focus on skill development (resiliency skills) and develop students’ knowledge and understanding, attitudes and values and promote help-seeking behaviour.
  • Learning is extended from the classroom to promote parent support of drug education programs (e.g. through the use of take-home activities).
  • We provide culturally aware and targeted drug education.
  • We follow the Department of Education’s syllabus
  • A Health and Well Being Team with representatives from the teaching staff, administration team, school health services and parents is supported.
  • We implement regular needs assessments to plan and update the school community health and drug education program.
  • Drug education is included in whole-school planning.
  • All students have the opportunity to participate in drug education programs and initiatives.
  • We have developed and implemented Procedures for Incident Management and Intervention Support and these are available on request.
  • Parents and families are involved in drug education initiatives.
  • Drug education information and strategies for parents and families are provided on a regular basis through a variety of methods such as the newsletter, website and take home activities and fact sheets.
  • SDERA’s Connect (, is used to identify resources and agencies that support and complement our school drug education initiatives.