The school has established a number of procedures in the event of emergencies occurring.  Evacuation and Lock Down practices will be held at the school regularly so that students and staff are confident if an emergency occurs.

Evacuation Procedure
The signal is a loud ‘whooping’ sound repeated for approximately two minutes.

  1. All electrical/mechanical equipment turned off.
  2. Assembly Point – cricket pitch on main oval (unless there is a fire in the brook).
  3. All teachers/aides not taking classes go directly to the oval.
  4. Teachers bring their class and attendance roll to the oval.
  5. Movement is as shown in the map displayed in classrooms.
  6. Office staff telephone Fire & Rescue / Police / Ambulance.

Evacuation Plan 2021


Lock Down Procedure
A loud ‘beeping’ sound, repeated for one minute indicates a lock down procedure and all students and staff are to remain in their classrooms, ensure all students are present, and lock the door to the classroom and any wet areas in the block.  If a student is missing, the front office is contacted.  Doors should not be opened until the all clear is given.

NOTE: Students will not be allowed out of the class for any purpose, even if they are concerned about siblings or friends.