School Uniform Policy

The School Uniform Policy plays an important role in promoting the image of the school, helps provide a safer environment for students and creates a sense of identity within the school.  The School Uniform is designed to:

  1. avoid costs associated with competition in dress standards for student clothing by providing an inexpensive and practical dress standard that all families can afford; and
  2. provide a means for staff at the school to easily identify all students associated with the school both on and off school grounds.

The school uniform has been established by the School Council after extensive consultation with staff, students and parents.  The school uniform consists of the following:

Primary Shirt – From Kindergarten to Year 6 (left picture):
Red shirt with black highlights on the side and white piping around the collar and sides, with the school name on the right breast.

Secondary Shirt – From Year 7 to Year 10 (right picture):
Black shirt with red highlights on the side and white piping around the collar and sides, with the school name on the right breast.

Shorts, Pants and Skirts
 Black  (no other colours or logos)

Primary K – 6: Red fleecy jacket with black, red and white collar, cuffs and waist band;
Secondary 7 – 10: Black fleecy jacket with red sides and collar.

Our school has a ‘Gingin District High School’ hat which Primary school students are required to wear.  The school has a ‘no hat, no play in the sun’ policy as a health precaution.

All uniform items are available at the school uniform shop.  Parents whose child is not in school uniform will be contacted.  Where students continually attend school without wearing their uniform, the school may decide to purchase the uniform and invoice parents for the cost.

Please note that children in an unacceptable standard of dress may not be taken on external activities or excursions.  Students representing the school in educational, cultural or sporting activities are expected to be in the appropriate school uniform.

Alternative clothing that does not meet the policy requirements are considered not suitable for school.  DENIM JEANS, sports skirts or alternative shorts and skirts are NOT part of the school uniform and students may be asked to change into clothing provided by the school at parents’ costs.  Wet weather jackets and additional warm clothing may be worn to and from school in the winter months provided it is clean and free of inappropriate logos.

Free Dress Days
From time to time the school will hold a ‘free dress day’ usually to raise money for a charitable cause or to support an initiative of the Student Council.  On free dress days students are able to select clothing of their own preference, and do not have to wear the school uniform.  Students may not, however, come to school in clothing that is inappropriate.  Under no circumstances are the following items to be worn to school.

  • For safety reasons thongs, sandals or bare feet are not considered suitable. Students must have enclosed footwear at all times.
  • Jewellery and makeup are not considered an essential item for school and in some instances these can be a health and safety hazard. Students may be asked to remove excessive makeup.
  • Mid-riff tops, revealing necklines very short shorts or skirts are not acceptable.
  • Singlet tops are not to be worn to school.
  • Students wearing shirts and tops with inappropriate logos (e.g. advertising alcoholic drinks or with inappropriate language) will be asked to change.


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