Welcome to Gingin District High School

Welcome to Gingin District High School’s website!
Our school community is guided by our four core expectations for everyone:

  • Care for each other and our environment;
  • Respect for all and ourselves;
  • Try to do our best all the time;
  • Be Responsible for our Actions.

Gingin District High School is a proud and successful school.  We are committed to providing the very best education possible to students in our area.  We encourage and support each child to grow, and become lifelong learners who have the skills, experiences and knowledge to thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

We are a caring school with a very strong and committed team of staff who oversee the socio-emotional well-being of our students.  Staff work hard every day to teach and model strong values and we closely monitor your child’s learning progress.  Students and staff are expected to achieve personal excellence in all they do.

In every year of schooling – from Kindergarten to Year 10 – we are proud to offer a wonderful school experience in your local community.

Bendigo Bank, Gingin Branch

School Banking will be held at Gingin District High School in the school library on Wednesday mornings from 8:10am – 8:45 am.


If you would like to open a student banking account come down to the branch and talk to our staff and they will assist you, or just pop into the library on Wednesday mornings and our helpful bank staff will explain what you need to bring with you to open the account.

We have our incentive programs running again this year for all our student bankers having the chance to win a canteen voucher each term and will receive an incentive bonus payment if they can complete their student banking card by week 6 in term 4.

Bendigo Bank Website Link

Our Student & Staff Success Stories

Marian Crew Makes a Difference!

Marian Crew, is a volunteer with EdConnect Australia and she has been generously volunteering her time to support the students at Gingin DHS, every week since 2007. During this time, she has assisted many students between 7-10 years of age in her role as a Mentor. She enjoys doing a range of activities with the students, such as games, puzzles, craft, school work and reading.

Marian understands the challenges that young people face, she explains that “some students come from other schools and have trouble making friends or being behind with school work. Girls especially can fall out with their best friend which becomes quite an issue”.

There are several different ways in which Marian helps her mentee students manage these difficulties – highlighting their strengths and spending time with them doing things they enjoy are key to building their confidence.

Marian’s favourite aspect of being a volunteer at the school is “being able to make a difference and discover the wonderful talents the children have” as well as seeing how much they look forward to her visits!

EdConnect Australia is a charity which links volunteers with local schools to support students in either a Mentoring or Learning Support role. By providing assistance to one mentee student or a whole class of students, our volunteers share their skills and experience to improve the education and wellbeing outcomes of the children they work with.

Gingin DHS is keen to expand their volunteer program and 1 hour a week is all it takes, so if you would like to get involved, please contact EdConnect Australia on 9444 8646 or karen.vincent@edconnect.org.au or Susan Mann at Gingin DHS 9575 5300.