Welcome to Gingin District High School

Welcome to Gingin District High School’s website!
Our school community is guided by our four core expectations for everyone:

  • Care for each other and our environment;
  • Respect for all and ourselves;
  • Try to do our best all the time;
  • Be Responsible for our Actions.

Gingin District High School is a proud and successful school.  We are committed to providing the very best education possible to students in our area.  We encourage and support each child to grow, and become lifelong learners who have the skills, experiences and knowledge to thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

We are a caring school with a very strong and committed team of staff who oversee the socio-emotional well-being of our students.  Staff work hard every day to teach and model strong values and we closely monitor your child’s learning progress.  Students and staff are expected to achieve personal excellence in all they do.

In every year of schooling – from Kindergarten to Year 10 – we are proud to offer a wonderful school experience in your local community.

Our Student & Staff Success Stories